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2009-08-14 05:38:02 by Clair-Bear

I can't figure out how to change my avitar...I wish I knew how to do it...I'm still new to this site..can anyone help me out a bit???


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2009-08-14 05:47:12

Nevermind I figured it I feel dumb hahahah


2009-08-16 09:10:05

Jesus christ you look like a guy... i mean seriously. Wtf are you trying to look sexy in that pic or something? Not with that face that you have looking like some 40 year old man named Butch.


2009-08-16 10:25:31

We'll you're a nice fellow :/ ^ Not..

Get used to people like him, but I'd suggest tiptoeing around the fact that you're female on THIS website. We're a minority here.


2009-09-19 13:36:11

hi newkid! Not bad drowing you got there. Hope you don't feel unconforteble on NG cuz females are welcome here , keep up your art.